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The affects of the Corona Virus continue to cause supply problems. The demand for USA Made Bib Overalls has increased substantially and exceeded the ability of production to meet demand. We are out of stock in some sizes. To assure you will get your size as soon as possible, USA Made Bibs is offering you the opportunity to place a Back Order and get your overalls as soon as they are produced. See complete details on each product page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions frequently asked by our customers and their answers. Please, take a look to these before contacting us.

Does USA MADE BIBS manufacturer Round House branded goods?
No. USA MADE BIBS is an independant online-only retailer that is not affiliated or owned by the manufacturer of Round House branded goods.
Are there any stores near me that sell Round House branded goods?
Sorry, but we are not the manufacturer. Only the manufacturer would have a list of other retailers that carry their products.
I have a warranty related issue. How should I resolve it?
If you purchased your Round House branded goods from USA MADE BIBS then simply Contact Us and we will walk you through the process.
I can't find a particular item in the store.
While we try to carry a wide range of products, we don't always carry everything available from a manufacturer. Contact Us if you're looking for something specific.
I live outside the Contiguous 48 United States. Can I still place an order?
In most instances we will not be able to assist you. However, we do occasionally ship to Alaska, Hawaii and some US Territories. Contact Customer Service to see if we can help.
Where are Round House branded goods manufacturered?
Round House branded goods are manufacturered in United States of America.
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